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Titanic Museum Display, Belfast, Northern Ireland

A bespoke circular display window reveals documents relating to the Titanic in a dramatic new exhibit at Belfast's Titanic Museum.

Switchable privacy glass as part of an interactive museum display

Project Story

An exciting new museum display, designed to educate and intrigue visitors and featuring privacy glass from Smartglass International, has been installed at the Titanic Belfast Experience.

Located beside the slipways where the RMS Titanic was built and launched, the Titanic Belfast Experience tells the story of the infamous Titanic through a series of displays covering its design, fit out, and maiden voyage. The Experience follows a themed one-way route with a series of interactive and informative displays designed to uncover various stories relating to the ship and its sinking.

Keen to add interest and suspense to the visitor journey, museum display designers recently installed a new exhibit revealing historical documents badged as ‘top secret’. The artefacts, which are initially hidden behind an opaque glass window, are revealed to maximum effect during the tour thanks to the use of privacy glass from Smartglass International.

To achieve this dramatic effect, the Smartglass team were able to create and install a bespoke circular glass window fitted with White Privacy Film. When an electrical current is applied to the film, the window instantly switches from opaque to transparent, enabling visitors to read the secret documents contained beneath.

With the ability to operate safely and repeatedly, and all work covered by a five-year guarantee, this made-to-order solution is all set to add impact to the Titanic Experience for many years to come.

Smart Glass products are ideal in a variety of educational and museum applications where they can be used to create interactive displays. To fit innovative briefs such as the one described above, Smartglass can supply variations such as colour tinted, fire-rated, double glazed and curved Privacy Glass, all designed to meet custom requirements.

This hands-on service and extensive expertise ensures Smartglass International is first choice for a variety of applications in the hospitality environment, but also in commercial and residential settings, where Smart Privacy Glass offers a great way to achieve dramatic results at a cost effective price.

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Titanic Museum Display


Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Discover the possibilities of switchable smart glass to create multi-functional spaces that adapt to users' needs at the flick of a switch


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