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Meeting Room, Belfast

Smartglass International shows off expertise with crittal-style door for new Belfast commercial premises

Meeting room with clear glass window

Project Story

A recent project in Belfast, Northern Ireland offered a unique technical and design challenge for Smartglass International. The task: a crittal-style frame and door as part of a newly refurbished office and staff area in an established Belfast taxi service. Brought on board by partners 1080 Marketing, Smartglass International brought technical, structural, and design expertise to the project, ensuring it was completed to the highest of standards.

The crittal style is unique in that it is composed of multiple smaller panels, rather than one or two floor-to-ceiling pieces. This particular project consisted of 12 identical Privacy Smart Glass panels, arranged to create a wall and door for this meeting area.

Our first task was to support 1080 Marketing in executing the many technical elements involved in this system, as each panel needed to be wired and installed individually. Our expertise in this process ensured that all the technical aspects were completed to a high standard, resulting in a functional and flawless installation. But it’s not just the crittal style that sets this piece apart.

Each panel is made of Privacy Smart Glass, which has its own distinctive function. These panels use safe, low-level electrical currents to switch the glass from completely transparent to entirely opaque in less than 0.1 seconds, transforming the entire element from window to partition. Each of these panels had to be individually incorporated into the whole system to ensure that they transform together as a single unit, rather than one at a time.

When the panels are clear, the glass is perfectly transparent, allowing for natural light and a more modern, open feel to the room and surrounding area. Then, with a flick of a switch, the panels all change to opaque, offering complete privacy while still allowing ambient light into the room. For maximum privacy and functionality, the entire unit is connected to a smart system, which allows meeting booking, restricted access, and privacy control.

With Privacy Smart Glass, the need for blinds and curtains – which can be cumbersome, attract dust, and can be difficult to clean – is completely eliminated. With on-demand privacy, hygienic materials, and a modern aesthetic, Privacy Smart Glass is the perfect marriage of functionality and style.

Suitable for use in both commercial and residential settings, Privacy Smart Glass offers privacy at the flick of a switch without compromising on aesthetic, natural light, or ease of access. Privacy Smart Glass comes in a wide range of styles, including colour-tinted, fire-rated, double-glazed, curved, and shaped; and the transformation can be triggered via a range of wall switches, remote controls, timers, or motion or light sensors.

As demonstrated by the successful delivery of this project, Smartglass International works with customers and partners to ensure that every requirement – technical, design, or architectural – is met to the highest standards. Our professional, hands-on service can help you fulfil your design aspirations and overcome any architectural challenges along the way. Supported by competitive pricing, a superior product, and quick turn-around times, this responsive approach ensures that Smartglass is an internationally renowned leader in switchable glass solutions.

To find out more about this project, or to enquire about how smart glass technology could enhance your latest development, contact Smartglass International for expert advice and a quote.

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Meeting Room


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Discover the possibilities of switchable smart glass to create multi-functional spaces that adapt to users' needs at the flick of a switch


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