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Kentish Town Sports Centre, England

Kentish Town Sports Centre

CLIENT: Kentish Town Sports Centre


Dating from 1898, these former public baths underwent a £23 million restoration and refurbishment project. Now transformed, the diverse community of Kentish Town can enjoy a modern, state of the art sports facility with original features that hint at its Victorian heritage.


A viewing gallery overlooking the 25 metre Grafton Pool allows parents to observe their children during play and lessons. However, other swimmers, for example those of Muslim faith, require more privacy when using the facilities.


A Smartglass partition provides a safe, efficient solution in this case. Parents can monitor children comfortably from the viewing gallery during open lessons. However, in its opaque state this innovative partition restricts visibility when discretion is required.

Sanitation and hygiene standards are also a priority for public leisure spaces. Smartglass is an easy to clean, low maintenance surface that can be disinfected regularly, making it the perfect material for these environments.

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