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8 Design Trends For Residential Properties

Prevailing interior design trends tend to be influenced by a wide range of factors, including contemporary architecture, popular culture, and even the media.

The prolific use of social media platforms is contributing to the rapid spread of design trends internationally, which makes it all the more important to be acquainted with what’s popular. Here are eight key design trends set to be prevalent in residential interior design in 2017.

Marble surfaces

Marble is becoming a dominant material once again in interior design, thanks to a rejuvenation in recent years that has seen designers reconsider how they use it in homes.

Instead of entire rooms covered with marble floors and walls, the popular trend is to focus on marble surfaces such as kitchen countertops, fireplaces, or coffee tables. The ‘less is more’ approach to marble means it can be used as a statement furniture piece that brings a room to life instead of overwhelming the eyes.

Mixed metals

The idea of a mixed metal design is not groundbreaking; the upsurge in popularity of mixed metal finishes has its roots in increased creativity. Designers are becoming more imaginative with their combinations of metals, and blends of materials such as brass and chrome are currently in vogue.

The key attraction of mixed metals comes from the unexpected synergy of well-chosen metal finishes that can breathe new life into a living space. Metallic lampshades, shelving, and trays can all be used to great effect to introduce a new sense of liveliness to a room.

Switchable glass windows

Windows have often been neglected in the past as a component of interior design, but with new technology such as switchable privacy glass making such an impact on the market, windows are now regarded as a crucial aspect of the overall interior aesthetic.

Switchable smart glass windows provide unparalleled privacy to users by changing from transparent to opaque at the flick of a switch. This idea of ‘privacy on demand’ is booming in interior design because it incorporates both style and functionality.

Switchable glass is starting to feature heavily in redesigning plans as it offers improved safety and privacy when compared to conventional glazing, with the added bonus of an elegant and modern design.

High-Lacquered Wood

The high-gloss and durable finish that comes from using lacquered wood has led to its surge in popularity in interior design. High-lacquered wood provides a polished look to homes, and lacquered panels or walls can be used to add another dimension to the interior space.

Aside from adding an aesthetically pleasing finish to any wooden surface in the home, lacquer dries quickly and is easy to apply, which makes it an extremely user-friendly finishing material.

The price of lacquer is lower than that of other finishes such as varnish, and the fact that this cheaper price doesn’t come at a compromise to quality has influenced its popularity as a more cost-effective choice.

‘Connected’ Homes

The increased importance of technology in people’s lives has undoubtedly influenced the world of interior design.

A popular trend for 2017 and beyond will be the concept of a ‘connected’ home that incorporates technology into interior design elements, such as countertops with integrated charging docks for smartphones.

Stylish ‘smart assistant’ devices with Bluetooth connectivity are also in fashion—these voice-controlled devices allow users to schedule the day ahead and personalize their routines with simple voice commands, and they are commonly being used in kitchens and living rooms.

Jewel tones

The popularity of jewel tones in the home reflects a desire in the interior design market to move away from dull colours such as beige to more vibrant and exciting hues including emerald green, amethyst (violet), and sapphire blue.

Taupe paint

Despite the trend towards jewel tones in interior design, there will always be a requirement for an effective neutral paint colour to act as a counterbalance to the vivid shades that jewel tones encompass.

This is where taupe paint comes in; the warm gray colour of taupe adds a welcoming and cozy vibe to any home and its versatility means that it complements a wide range of interior colour schemes. Taupe paint is expected to soar in popularity and overtake standard gray as the preferred neutral colour.

Built-in bars

Small built-in bar areas with seating are particularly popular right now in the design and redesign of interior spaces. In-home entertainment events such as dinner parties and cocktail parties are increasing in popularity all the time, and there is a need to meet this demand with stylish and comfortable bar areas.

Smartglass International is a leading provider of electric switchable glass solutions for both residential and business properties. To keep up to date with the latest residential design trends and learn more about switchable smart glass technology read the Smartglass blog here.

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Discover the possibilities of switchable smart glass to create multi-functional spaces that adapt to users' needs at the flick of a switch


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