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Solar Smart Glass

Solar Control Glass by SmartGlass™ offers unrivalled control of solar glare and has been shown to reduce the thermal transmittance through a glass façade which directly cuts down on associated HVAC costs.

How does it work?

Solar SmartGlass™ can be manually or automatically “tuned” to precisely control the amount of light, glare and heat passing through a window. While glass is a favoured product for use in building facades; glare, solar heat gain and UV exposure can be problematic. This can often make the use of glass impractical resulting in the need to invest in expensive solar shading devices.

Glass facades using patented SPD light-control technology reduce the need for air conditioning during the summer months and heating during winter in residential properties. Switchable solar glass is therefore a highly energy efficient and cost-effective alternative to regular flat glass. The ability to instantly switch solar smart glass to maximise daylight when it’s really needed and to provide controllable solar shading during peak light conditions is valuable and unique.

Solar SmartGlass™ lends itself not only to residential properties but to commercial offices and studios. Switchable solar glass panels can be automatically dimmed from clear to dark, controlling glare and solar heat gain, while protecting employees from the damaging effects of UV. This feature is especially useful for application in a television studio as it allows for maximum daylight to enter without compromising recording quality. It also controls room temperature which is critical in a T.V. studio environment.


About Smartglass

Learn more about our the numerous applications of  switchable smart glass by watching our video below.