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Smartglass and sustainable living

Sustainable living has become a global movement and consequently a rapidly increasing industry. We are constantly reminded of our destructive carbon footprint and are also provided with a range of solutions. Green building has recently become a global phenomenon, even though the concept dates back to decades ago. Only recently has it become a global priority.

Modern architects and construction agencies go out of their way to design and construct homes and other structures with a more sustainable approach. Green building’s main objective is to create homes that are well insulated, thereby decreasing the electrical usage of reheating. Constant heating and cooling has a tremendous effect on our carbon footprint and is the result of heat escaping and cold invading. One of the most common ways for heat to escape is via large glass panels and windows. For this reason smart glass is exceedingly beneficial in green architecture.

Smartglass allows the user to determine the amount of light admitted to the space. It is an innovative approach in green architecture and is often referred to as the natural skin for modern urban buildings. The glass is designed to transform from opaque to transparent by simply flipping a switch. A thin film is placed between two layers of glass and consists of numerous rod-like shaped particles suspended within a liquid. When electricity is absent, the film’s particles orientate randomly within the liquid, prohibiting any light from passing through. Once the current is switched on  – the particles align perfectly to allow a constant quantity of light to traverse into the space. This technology also decreases the admission of UV rays to an insignificant amount and conserves a vast amount of energy used on internal climate control.

It might be difficult to find out the perfect solution. Therefore Smartglass offers includes a variety of products that help to achieve a privacy on demand. Whether we need a dimmable option or a complete black- out Smartglass, our range of more than six different options will help to choose the proper one for each design.

Smartglass International has a vision to create, challenge and evolve through quality, innovation and excellence.  Smartglass technology has given Smartglass International the opportunity to partake in the global movement for sustainable living and provide a product that contributes to the cause of green building. For more information on the green factors of smart glass don’t hesitate to contact them here.

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