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What is Smart Glass?

Smart Glass is an innovative building material that is made from electrochromic glass to create intelligent partitions, windows and skylights. The properties of these electrically switchable surfaces are able to change their properties when an electric current is applied.

SmartGlass International:

SmartGlass International has built a reputation for manufacturing a number of award winning and highly functional smart glass products that are distributed throughout Europe and the Middle East.

We have invested enormous sums of money in manufacturing plants fitted with specialised machinery to ensure that we have capacity to fulfil large orders within short lead-times. Every piece of smart glass manufactured by SmartGlass International is custom made to meet and exceed each of our clients’ individual needs.

SmartGlass International produces two flagship smart glass products:

  • SPD-SmartGlass
  • LC SmartGlass

SPD SmartGlass

With SPD SmartGlass, users are able to manually or automatically control the amount of light, glare and heat that passes through a glass surface in order to create more comfortable and environmentally friendly indoor spaces.

This innovative smart glass product has a number of practical benefits, including saving on energy costs by regulating temperatures within a structure.

SDP-SmartGlass blocks out harmful light while still maintaining a clear view of the outside world. This allows for increased levels of natural daylight which can improve health and well-being and therefore have a strong influence on both attitude and productivity in the workplace.

LC SmartGlass

LC SmartGlass is a specially designed smart glass product that offers end users instant privacy at the flick of a switch. Through the application of a small electrical current, users can immediately transform any glass surface from clear to opaque and back again.

Any surface made from this unique smart glass product can be transformed from crystal clear to opaque in order to create wide-open spaces or intimate private enclosures in your home, office or boardroom.

SmartGlass International is the smart glass supplier of choice in terms of experience, reliability, price and performance

Visit our Smart Glass Portfolio here to find out more about our range of innovative products

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