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The Brew House Hotel, Tunbridge Wells

The Brew House Hotel

CLIENT: The Brew House Hotel
LOCATION: Tunbridge Wells, England.


A boutique hotel with a crisp, sophisticated finish The Brew House is a high-end haven for those seeking to escape city stresses. Elegant interiors soothe, while statement design features pique patrons’ interest.


In keeping with the design aesthetic the brief was to deliver a room within a room in a form that would capture the imagination while simultaneously maximising space and light.


Bespoke Smartglass partitions provide a sleek and minimalist façade through which en suites can be revealed or concealed in an instant.

Guests benefit from privacy on demand without compromising the luxurious sense of light and space in their weekend retreat.

Practical as well as playful, management enjoy the satisfaction of ensuring each room is fitted with a safe, hygienic and low maintenance product that never fails to impress.