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What is Switchable Glass?

Privacy Smartglass, also referred to as privacy glass or switchable glass, is electric switchable glass with adjustable opacity. It uses electro-chromatic technology to interchange between transparency and an opaque state by applying voltage. Privacy Smartglass can change from clear to a frosted appearance at the flick of a switch while allowing light to pass through from both sides.

Smartglass International is the global market leader in manufacturing and supplying electric switchable glass. We offer hands-on service and professional advice to overcome any architectural challenges along the way. Supported by competitive pricing, a superior product, and quick turn-around, this responsive approach ensures Smartglass is an internationally renowned leader in switchable glass solutions.

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Switchable Glass Applications

Commercial Partitions
Smart glass is widely used for internal partitioning and for doors in office buildings due to its ability to interchange between clear and private.

Microsoft Lisbon HQ Switchable Glass image

Microsoft Lisbon

Microsoft Lisbon HQ Switchable Glass Image

Microsoft Lisbon


Bathroom Partitions

Privacy Smartglass allows you to break down light-blocking walls in your guestrooms, creating a larger sense of space flooded with natural light. When required, the switchable glass instantly turns opaque offering privacy on demand.

Kempinski Bahrain Switchable Glass Image

Kempinski Grand & Ixir, Bahrain

Kempinski Bahrain Swtichable Glass Image

Kempinski Grand & Ixir, Bahrain


Hygienic Interiors
It offers superior hygienic properties in comparison to curtains and blinds – especially useful in buildings where hygiene is a major priority such as hospitals and large hospitality establishments.

An image of switchable glass at the Royal Sunderland Hospital

Royal Sunderland Hospital

An image of switchable glass at the Royal Sunderland Hospital

Royal Sunderland Hospital

Smart glass (electric switchable glass) can be controlled manually or automatically, automated control can be programmed to switch on or off during certain times of day or the system can be connected to light sensors to activate when a certain level of light is detected. Alternatively it can be programmed to activate with movement sensors, remote controls, and standard button switches.

Another interesting feature of Privacy Smartglass is that when in the opaque state, it acts a high-definition rear projection screen. This allows you to create immersive and dynamic multimedia displays into your surroundings.

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