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What is Electrochromic Glass?

Electrochromic glass, also known as smart glass or electronically switchable glass, is an innovative and modern building glass that can be used to create partitions, windows or skylights.

What makes electrochromic glass so unique is that allows users to control the amount of heat or light that passes through the glass at the flick of a switch, giving them the ability to regulate temperatures or create privacy at the flick of a switch.

Electrochromic glass utilises the principle of electrochromism, which allows certain materials to change colour or even opacity when a burst of charge is applied. While a small burst of electricity is required for changing the opacity of the glass, no electricity is needed for maintaining a particular shade once the change has been effected.

SmartGlass International – The Smart Choice

As the demand for electrochromic glass has grown, SmartGlass International has become one of Europe’s leading suppliers of a number of innovative smart glass products.

SmartGlass International has built a reputation for manufacturing a number of highly functional electrochromic glass products that are distributed throughout Europe and the Middle East.

SmartGlass International has invested extensively in research and development in order to create some of the world’s most innovative smart glass products, including LC SmartGlass and SPD-SmartGlass. These two electrochromic glass products can allow users to control the amount of light and heat passing through with a flick of a switch.

LC SmartGlass

LC SmartGlass is a specially designed electrochromic glass product that offers end users instant privacy on demand. The surface of any LC SmartGlass product can be transformed from crystal clear to opaque in order to create wide-open spaces or intimate private enclosures in your home, office or boardroom.

This transition from clear glass to opaque and back again can be triggered from wall switches, remote controls, movement sensors, light sensors or timers, making LC SmartGlass a highly innovative building glass that can be used to transform any space.


SPD-SmartGlass is an electrochromic glass that can be manually or automatically “tuned” to precisely control the amount of light, glare and heat passing through a window.

This product is allows designers, engineers and builders to create building facades that can eliminate glare, solar heat gain and UV exposure, thereby creating more comfortable indoor spaces.

The use of SPD-SmartGlass can result in a number of practical benefits, including save money on heating, air-conditioning and lighting, as well as avoiding the need to install and maintain motorized light screens, blinds or curtains.

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