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Tunbridge Wells


The Brew House Hotel, located in the historic Pantiles area of Tunbridge wells, is a luxurious boutique hotel and stylish destination for travelers the world over.

Designed to a superior standard, the Brew House hotel blends contemporary modern style with imaginative lighting and comfortable furnishings. With a total of just fifteen rooms, the design team created a modern and sophisticated state of the art space which is both functional and elegant.


With elegance and sophistication at the forefront of the design brief, a sleek and stylish interior was required which could also serve the functional purpose of private spaces within the room. Privacy control glass was specified in the design brief at planning stage to separate bathroom from bedroom. A floor to ceiling smart glass partition was specified to allow for maximum levels of natural daylight to penetrate the entire space.


This modern design feature precisely matches the image that the Brew House wishes to portray; a chic boutique stylish destination.

When the electrical supply is switched on, the liquid crystal molecules align and incident light passes through and the LC SmartGlass panel instantly clears. When the power is switched off the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented scattering light and the LC SmartGlass becomes opaque (private).


LC SmartGlass is an easily cleaned, low maintenance surface which is ideal for application in the hotel environment. The SmartGlass not alone serves as a privacy screen but also features as a unique/exciting gadget for guests to enjoy.

The privacy screen in each en-suite room is comprised of five LC glass panels fitted together using a clear silicone joint to create a smooth glossy surface.

The glass can be changed from clear to opaque using a wall switch which is located inside the bathroom area. The Brew House Hotel has received some outstanding reviews on travel review website;
“The bathroom was lovely especially the SmartGlass which when activated by a switch turned the glass frosty, a nice touch”, “The bathrooms were a marvel, from the SmartGlass to the flooring of the shower”.


“I was thoroughly impressed by the funky, cool smart glass bathroom. I have never seen this type of glass before and it still impresses me even now. I enjoy showing guests the smart glass and seeing their genuinely positive reaction. The smart glass adds a lot of fun to guests stays!!”
Kym Hammond – Reception Manager

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