LC SmartGlass electric privacy glass switchable by SmartGlass International LC SmartGlass electric privacy glass switchable by SmartGlass International

Solar Control on Demand

SPD-SmartGlass can be manually or automatically “tuned” to precisely control the amount of light, glare and heat passing through a window.  While glass is a favored product for use in building facades; glare, solar heat gain and UV exposure are problematic and can often make the use of glass impractical resulting in the need to invest in expensive solar shading devices.  Glass facades using patented SPD solar control technology reduce the need for air conditioning during the summer months and heating during winter.


When the power supply is switched on, the rod shaped suspended particle molecules align, light passes through and the SPD SmartGlass panel clears.  SPD SmartGlass protect from damaging UV when on or off.

When the power supply is switched off the rod shaped suspended particle molecules are randomly oriented blocking light and the SPD SmartGlass becomes dark blocking up to 99.4% of light.

Applications & Features

External Glazing

  • Fixed or casement windows and doors
  • Solar Control Shading screens
  • Sliding/folding doors
  • Balustrades and balconies
  • Create comfortable environments in offices, bedrooms, sunrooms and conservatories
  • Can be single, double or triple-glazed including low E glass and gas filling, resulting in improved thermal performance and reduced solar heat gain and unparalleled U Values


  • Skylights
  • Roof-lights – Fixed or opening
  • Commercial

Security and Safety

  • Protect staff and interiors from the effects of harmful UV rays.
  • Reduced harmful solar heat gain.
  • Control solar glare.
  • Added security and safety due to toughened laminated glass construction.

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Advantages of SPD Smart Glass

In an effort to reduce glare the windows of many commercial buildings are permanently tinted, therefore requiring more lighting inside the building than that which is optimally needed.  Natural day lighting, which can be regulated using SPD SmartGlassTM products, has been shown to improve health and well being, and thus its regulation is considered by many to have a strong influence on one’s attitude and productivity.

  • Instant and precise control of light
  • Energy Savings on cooling & lighting costs
  • Eco friendly, reduce building carbon emissions
  • Elimination of the need for expensive window dressings
  • Wide working temperature range from -20⁰c to +70°c – Ideal for exterior applications
  • Ambient temperature control via solar control
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Hygienic low maintenance material
  • Enhanced corporate image
  • Reduced fading of carpets, furniture and protect valuable artwork
  • High UV stability
  • High contrast at any viewing angle and any illumination level
  • Long life – tested to in excess of 100,000 cycles

Configurations Available

  • Maximum Size: 1,000 * 2,800 mm
  • Minimum Size: 200 * 300 mm
  • Thickness: Various from 8.8mm for laminates and from 20mm for Double Glazed units
  • Colour tints: Blue
  • Glass types: Gas filled double glazed units (external windows)
  • Processing: Double Glazed, Drilled Holes, Curved, Shaped, Triple Glazed

SPD Smart Glass Control Methods

  • Wall switch
  • Remote control
  • Movement sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Timer

Available Shapes

smart switchable privacy glass