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Privacy Glass

Privacy is something we all want and in these times, it is one of those things we are not willing to live without. Curtains, blinds and shutters are outdated to keep curious eyes away, but now with the development of technologies such as privacy glass you will not need to compromise. Privacy glass offers you all the light you want and the instant privacy you need by simply flicking the on switch or by the push of a button.

A liquid crystal sheet is permanently bonded between the two layers of the glass. When the liquid crystal is in a non-energized state the molecules in the liquid crystals disband light. However, when electrical energy is applied to the liquid crystals in the glass, it will let the molecules arrange themselves in a particular way that will allow light to pass through. To put it simply, if the power is on, the glass will be clear, but if the power is off then the glass will become frosted. .

For Example: when the smart glass is turned off it still looks like ordinary glass in an office boardroom. When turned on, the electric current will cause the privacy glass to frost up and provide privacy for the meeting happening in the boardroom. Getting instant privacy by the push of a button has never been this easy.

A well-known example of a place that uses smart glass would be the elevators in the Washington Monument. They use their smart glass to provide the passengers with a view to the commemorative stones inside the monument itself.

Smart glass can also be surprisingly strong if sourced from a reliable provider. If something happens and the glass breaks, the internal layer will keep the glass intact that will help to prevent injuries. Privacy glass is also easy to clean in comparison to blinds, curtains and shutters. The advantages of privacy glass do not end there it also prevents further damage to fabrics and interiors in your office or home because it limits the UV rays coming through.

Privacy glass is available in standard sizes – sheets are available up to 1000 x 3000mm. If the client wants the glass to be tinted this can be done on request if you source a reliable supplier. For privacy glass to work it will only need 3.5 watts of power per square metre and the electric current will not need to run continuously to maintain the frosted or clear state of the glass pane.

Another advantage of privacy glass is that it gives you the opportunity to design exclusive spaces where you need versatility, and to maintain privacy glass is a lot easier than curtains. Some suppliers for these intelligent glass technologies can also provide mobile area glass dividers for more flexible interior layouts. Such flexible privacy glass offers you to let the outside world in for as long as you choose to or to get better use from your interior space.

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