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smart glass hotel interiors privacy glass

“The perfect bed (and more)”
Reviewed June 2012

“Best Bed Ever! Very modern, with lots of gadgets and modern technology at your fingertips, including iPad, 3D TV, VOIP phone and bathroom windows with electrically controlled opacity”

“The best hotel I have ever stayed in
Reviewed June 2012

“The hotel has had a 6 million pound refurbishment and it shows. If you like gadgets and modern clean looking hotel room them this is the place for you. The rooms have the latest gadgets any man or women could ever want from a hotel room. From a bed that gives you a massage to a stunning space age bathroom”

“Best Hotel in Bahrain”
Reviewed June 2012

“The hotel was very clean and our room was great. The wall separating the bathroom and the main room was glass. There was a switch in the bathroom that changed the class from clear to opaque.”

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