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Latest Reviews of SmartGlass Guestrooms!

Kempinski Grand & Ixir, Bahrain

“The decor is beautiful. The room layout is great, big glass walled bathroom and shower which has privacy glass, flip a switch and it goes opaque!

“The hotel was very clean and our room was great. The wall separating the bathroom and the main room was glass! There was a switch in the bathroom that changed the glass from clear to opaque.

“The brilliant part of its design in the standard room was the large walk closet…but even better was the glass wall between the sleeping area and bathroom. It added so much space to the room.

“The best and most comfortable hotel in Bahrain! From the privacy glass in the bathrooms to the bar in the pool, to the comfort, and spa, the Kempinski is the best hotel choice.”


Eccleston Square Hotel, London

“Perhaps the coolest of all the high tech gadgets is the ‘smart glass’ between the bathrooms and bedrooms which turns opaque at the touch of a button.”

“It has a neat feature where the wall and door are glass but can be turned completely opaque with the flip of a switch. It helped create the illusion of space in the room.”

The Brew House Hotel, Kent

“For a standard double (room 104), the feeling of space in the room was excellent (smart glass surrounds the bathroom, making it feel larger.)”

“All in all a pleasant experience – the staff very pleasant and helpful, the room of a high spec – loved the smart glass!

“I agree with many of the other reviewers – lovely modern feel, spacious rooms, cool bathrooms with smart glass technology.

“It was an excellent room and the bathroom was light and spacious. The “Smart” glass door between the bedroom and bathroom was a very nice touch.”

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