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Electric Glass

Electric glass, which is also known as electro-chromatic glass, is a technology that allows the colour of the glass to go from clear to opaque to control visibility. This is ideal for anyone who likes clear glass in his or her office, reception area, promotions cubicle bathrooms or living room but also wants the option for privacy on demand. You will be surprised at all the options for different ffects available from various electric glass suppliers.

The possibilities are endless and are controllable with a flick of a switch, via automatic sensors or with a remote control. This type of technology will provide privacy and light control for any type of situation – meetings in a boardroom, a medical examination room and even in a waiting room. A customer has the option for tinted windows, reflective or mirrored glass that delivers different results.

Not only does this electric glass offer you privacy it also provides 98% UV protection, which protects you but also other fabrics that  are exposed to the sunlight. It is also easier to clean and to maintain than blinds or curtains. The advantage does not stop there, because electric glass is environmentally friendly, helps save on building temperature maintenance costs and it only needs a minimal amount of power to make the glass go from white to clear. In short, electric glass is simpler, more stylish, easier to maintain and it saves energy.

When the electric glass is switched on it offers you a translucent image projection surface, while if frosted will give you a solid rear projection display surface. The surfaces of electric glass can be utilized so that it can protect the image whether it is clear or even when it is frosted. It is for this reason that custom smart glass installations are being used not just for conference rooms but also for promotions units, displays and eye-catching service cubicles.

Electro chromatic technology is used to make the electric glass go from transparent to translucent by applying electrical energy.  Furthermore, a thin LCD Film is set in between the pieces of glass and because the natural state of LCD Film is white or opaque it will leave you worried free in the event of a power outage.

Electric glass can be controlled manually or even automatically. You can program the glass to switch on or off during certain times of the day, it is also possible that it can be connected to sensors be it movement or light or even rain sensors.

It is possible to control the amount of light coming through the windows, which being connected to the amount of heat that is allowed to come through the electric glass. This will help big corporate buildings to maintain better  environmental standards because they will be using less energy to cool or warm-up the building or offices.

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